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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2010 1:00am-1:30am PST

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that goes without saying. i think all of us working together, that can happen. as far as the 50% mandate, i am all for local hiring, but i think is high. i think we can all work together on this. >> next speaker please >> i want to thank you for this legislation you could forward.
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this is ground-breaking legislation you have, and it has been a certain way for so long you are going to meet all kinds of resistance, but we do not want you to stop. i like the legislation. i do not have a problem with 50%, because i am usually 100% anyway. my problem is i cannot hire anyone. as far as businesses are concerned, the only place we are able to work is here in san francisco any way. the legislation you are proposing is a great benefit to me. all my work is here anyway, and why shouldn't it be? my other constituents are very resistant to this, because it
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is ground-breaking what you are proposing today. i live where i work, and i received that i cannot hire anyone. i thank you all for this. >> next speaker please. >> i think our focus is wrong.
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the heart breaking stories and the good intentions i think are going to make problematic problems. -- policies. here we have a charge -- a charge. you can see it has been plummeting. over here we will take a look of public works. you see the same affect. the report i think it is important to look at -- you take a look at the construction work force. you have a whole lot of people in san francisco -- three-
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quarters is not working in public works. you have people working in private residential, and you have a highly skilled workforce in public works. and you take a look get the report with what we are doing with apprentices. what we see is apprentices in san francisco are more diverse than the population as well as a construction population for just about everyone. last we have the gender diversity as well by far did -- by far beating what you have in the regular labour market. make sure not to cut off your own hands. it is unfortunate we have to raise objections to this --
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>> thank you. next speaker please. >> our city is standing up in support of local hiring mandates. localization -- anyone in the environmental movement knows localization is the word. the more workers are in the community, the less commuting, the less pollution, and the more the economic situation is better for the community because the money circulates a lot more within the community, so the whole mantra is global and -- is
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localization. the other thing i want to talk about is how important this is to actually strengthening unions. right now in the united states, unions are taking it on the chin. with the democrats in charge of the legislature and the presidency, we could not get checks past. we make sure we put people in the union. we make sure we have local solidarity that will strengthen the unions. they need to look of the long term, and with -- if we had 50% of the people at ground zero talking -- knocking on nancy pelosi pause door talking about holland richard about how this
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was, that would strengthen them. the trades need to share the pain with everybody's so we can get a much better ground for all people in this country. >> i will call the rest of the cards, and everyone else can please come up. in the unknown we live to enjoy another victory ♪ michael: and there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the leader of the nexus. a man who will face randy orton for the wwe championship at survivor series. john cena will be the special guest referee. and of course, the rest of nexus out here as well. welcome everybody, welcome to monday night law.
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jerry the king lallser not here. jerry recovering from a knee injury. but i'm joined by josh mathews. josh: it's great to be here, being so close to john cena. you can feel just how uncomfortable cena is with having to answer to that man, the lead over nexus, wade barrett. michael: and you can feel how uncomfortable the wwe universe is with john cena being a part of nexus as well. >> john, thank you very much for that outstanding introduction, i could not have said it better myself. but then again, i did write it for you. ladies and gentlemen, the prodigal son has returned. and what better way to
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celebrate my upcoming championship reign than by having a preview of the championship celebration right here tonight. [cheers and applause] >> yeah, that's right, manchester, there is going to be a big, big party and you're all invited. [cheers and applause] >> but before the nexus hoists me victoriously upon their shoulders, before we get ahead adelanten. tenemos que atender ciertos asuntos. >> será posible que esté en el nombre de cena en el suelo de él? >> ilusionado. >> ahí. un par de situaciones de lo
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pasado. sobre los cuales tengo que estar. con acción y se levanta solo. la lucha más grande y cinco tras cinco. ha habido stración. y con la bolsa. le da el triunfo. en smackdown! partido en dos. más al frente. >> david. la próxima vez que sigas, olvidarte de mi autoridad como líder. y la próxima ve has been at evee one up, i think, of the graduation class is in citybuil
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d. he comes up and says look around this room. that is what you are going to be part of. hopper of toi always stay and lt because that is what people want to be part of. i know that your heart -- i know we will work this out. they need and want this to be -- if we do not bring people back in -- he always talks about schools and high schools. we also have to start there.
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when we hear this from the unions, that is one side. they are negotiators. we are trying to get to some place. i believe we will get there. supervisor avalos: thank you. the coalition is called local sf. it is local opportunities for community and labor. this is not about creating a cover media slogan to bring people together. there has been a huge mine behind this legislation. it comes out of the labor movement. we are from working-class backgrounds. we want to make this work. i believe we are promoting good public jobs. we need to make our local investments work to have local benefit for contractors, for people who need work, for our environment, our local businesses. that is behind this. we can make it happen. i do appreciate everyone's time
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here today. it took a long time. we got started at 3:00, and after after we -- an hour after we initially intended to start. thank you for your stories, people who are dealing with unemployment, stories of people who have struggled to find employment. we are going to move this forward in your spirit to make this work. this item i would like to continue to the call of the chair. i think we are working out the actual details of when we are going to have it heard again. we have the holiday coming up. but we can work around our multiple schedules. chairperson maxwell: we will make it work. this will be held to the call of the chair. madame clerk, is there any further business before this committee? >> there are no further items. chairperson maxwell: thank you all for holding in and staying. thank you harlan for puc.
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thank you everybody for staying. the meeting is adjourned.
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please stand by. please stand by. please stand by. so 03 executive directors report. >> since our last meeting on october 14, we continue to make progress. an excavation package is ongoing. how the court pallia architect is 20% complete with the documents. the request for qualification
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for the design build construction services trade package was advertised october 4. we received responses to the rfq. we have a value in the responses and will be sending out a notification next week. we have also issued a notice to proceed for the utility relocation contract. the first reconstruction meeting was held on october 21. with respect to the second and third utility relocation visits, we expect to issue those on november 9 with the fourth one being issued november 6. at the terminal we are expected to complete phase two of the terminal for operations to commence around december 11. i did want to mention with respect to rider request on the benches, we have increased this
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about 15%. we have all so requested five more benches with armrests for phase two, when it opens. this will result in a 62% increase in the number of benches at the completion of phase two. with respect to the rest rooms, in conjunction with finishing up the face to work at the terminal, we are investigating various options to provide restrooms while also maintaining and addressing the safety concerns we have had. i expect to come back to the board for an update on the various restrooms. we have also met with the mayor's disability council. we looked at issue is focused on access for personal with disabilities for completion of the phase two temporary facility. with respect to the rail design, we continue to coordinate with
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caltrain and high speed rail on all aspects. we recently completed a bay bridge corridor study that i wanted to present to the board. we recently completed a study on behalf of the tjpa and transit. we administer the contract for a total cost of $350,000. cambridge systematics and other organizations worked on this to assess future highway situations in the corridor and to see if current systems could work affectively. now i would like to ask tony to present the results of the study. >> thank you. this is the first look at what traffic conditions will be like in future years as traffic
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grows. we also took have a look at market street traffic to see if we could start cleaning that up. in the bay bridge corridor right now, in the morning, peak hour, we push through about 42,000 people from the east bay to san francisco. about 18,000 of them are on board. 22,000 coming across the bridge. -- bart. in the future, these are the projections that we get. population in the east pay increases. -- bay increases.
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population in san francisco also continues to increase. our projections, cambridge gave us the over all travel projections for the bay bridge corridor. if you look at this chart, the capacity of the bay bridge in the four-hour peak period, 36,000 vehicles. the demand is 37,000 vehicles. that is why we have this big queu in the mornine in the morn. even whip the small increase that is projected in traffic, we end up with a demand of 43,000
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vehicles and a capacity of only 36,000. what will happen is the queue at the bay bridge will get really big. we are also dealing with whole corridor. the whole corridor is getting more congested because of more demand. right now we make about 15,000 trips. 42,000 trips. we actually have capacity for about 50,000. we have increases in bart capacity. in bonds us up to over 60,000. but in 2030, 2035, we eat up almost all the capacity. the point of the study was, in
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the interim as capacity becomes more important, we want to make sure buses can get through because it is in fort -- important to fill out that capacity requirement. we are looking to push through another 20,000 people per hour. we know bart can take a around 10,000. the transbay transit center has a capacity of almost 20,000, but we have to get the buses there. right now, caltrans has put together a very effective system. our model, we mimic what caltrans did. the measures that they took were very successful with the current level of traffic. the question is what happens in
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the future. there is a metering flight which holds the traffic backed so that traffic does not exceed capacity of the bridge. the metering lights are activated around 6:30 every morning. the queue starts spilling back about three-quarters of the way back. as you can see, the hov bypass extends beyond that. so the question is, is that going to work in the future? just a few caveat on what we did not study. these are all conceptual ideas.
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there do not seem to be any fatal flaws to the design, but by no means have they been thoroughly analyzed. congestion pricing in our forecast is not considered. on the other hand, bart capacity is also not considered. travel models do not assume that bart has a capacity limit, so of the model keeps on dumping people on to bart, even if they cannot handle them. at the same time, we have not induced traffic. as far as people using it to its capacity, that has also not been factored in. basically, we modeled out in the
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system. it is about a 24-mile model that goes from 580, the 80 split in albany, and then down on 880, past the open, beyond the bay bridge, the central freeway. we worked with caltrans to find the parameters of the model. this is just a microbe simulation model. you will be able to see the output. we also monitor the traffic in and 80-block area from market, embarcadero, fifth street, to just beyond the bridge. we have lots of queueing problems in the afternoon. for the bay bridge corridor, we want to measure these on pieces
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of performance. caltrans policy is not to allow congestion beyond the junction, what we call the macarthur maze. they call it the distribution center. this and reallocks up and you cannot get anywhere -- area locks up and you cannot get anywhere. finally, the last measure we had was reliability. we did not want any simple transit trip to take any longer than 14 minutes. the first thing we did is we
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build a system model and calibrated it against actual positions. we matched the existing conditions. now we have this video that shows 2035 what the traffic will be like on 80 and the toll plaza. it is going to start at the 580/80 junction in albany. it is going to fly over the toll plaza and bridge. as you can see, traffic is running pretty well. no problems at the merge.
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we are about to pass university ave. and as we come up to powell street, you will see the traffic begins to bunch up. >> what time is this? >> this is a clock in the morning. -- 8:00 in the morning. as i tell my east bay compatriots, a weekday morning will look like a saturday afternoon now, which is traffic as far as the eye can see. a different color cars, by the way, we calibrated this model by
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payment type, so there is fast track, tolls, pools. i think pink is a fast track. i do not remember what the others are. >> so we are coming across the new ramp near treasure island. coming across the bridge. the bridge is pretty free- flowing because everything is held back at the toll plaza. we do not seem to have any problems at the ramp here.


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